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Virtual Continuing Professional Development Programmes

Attendance is a benefit for PTCMA members and clinicians registered with the HPCSA with valid MP numbers only. For more information on becoming a PTCMA member, please click here.

Attending VCPDs

  • a Neutral, Clinical Forum

  • Open to

    • PTCMA Members
    • HPCSA registered clinicians
    • Guests of the sponsor

6+ hosted per month

  • day and night



  • CPD


Topics we have discussed

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2023 topics to date with links to recordings

Code of Conduct

  1. The Presenter should be briefed on the topic format and the clinical forum emphasized by the co-facilitator.
  2. A clinical review of the disease should be under-pinned by evidence-based medicine; no marketing (including logo’s) or personal opinions
  3. Clinical discussions should focus on appropriate drug class therapy options and preferably a Case Study presented.
  4. Virtual Continuing Professional Development events are co-facilitated, but the marketing of specific drug therapies will not take place.
  5. The Q&A following the presentation is designed to add further value to understanding the topic. Other issues raised can be discussed on another platform

Frequently Asked Questions

The link to register for the V_CPDs will be sent out in the invitations. If you are registered on the PTCMA Portal and you have ticked the box to receive invitations, these will be sent to you directly as soon as they are avialable.

For the SAMA members, these invitations are available on the SAMA website.

Please note that only PTCMA and SAMA members will be approved and receive links to join the meeting.

Yes, the V_CPDs are accredited with the HPCSA through SAMA. Each session attended for at least 45 minutes awards you 1 CPD point.

Attendance will be captured on the PTCMA Portal from where you can download your certificates. Please allow 7 days for the attendance to be captured.

For individuals registered with the HPCSA, we will be uploading your attendance directly to the HPCSA at the beginning of the month following sessions attended. You will receive confirmation emails from the HPCSA once your attendance has been uploaded.

The CPD accreditation for Pharmacists works a little differently from HPCSA professionals. Your attendance will also be captured and you will receive a certificate which can be used for CPD accreditation, but you will need to follow the processes as set out by the SAPC to get acknowledgement of the CPD activity.

For more information on how CPD accreditation for Pharmacists work, please view the SAPC website.

The certificates will be available for download on the PTCMA Portal once the attendance has been captured. Please allow 7 days for the attendance to be captured.

For instructions on where and how to download your certificates, please follow this link.

Once you have completed the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to join the meeting. If you have not received this link by the day before the meeting, please send an email to welcome@ptcma.org.za and we will assist.

When you click on the link to join, you should be prompted to either open the Zoom application or to download it. There should also be an option to join from your browser.

The webinar will be opened about 5 minutes before the start of the meeting. Please note that sometimes technical difficulties arise, resulting in admission taking place a little later.

For a detailed description of the entire registration and login process, please follow this link.

From 2021, where the presenter and co-facilitator agrees to have the presentation recorded, the recording will be made available on the PTCMA Portal under CPD RECORDINGS for one year after the meeting.

There will be a multiple-choice questionnaire to complete for CPD accreditation, provided that you have not already gained a CPD point for live attendance.

PTCMA is aware of recent security issues with this platform and reassure our members that we are taking every measure possible to keep our virtual meetings secure. As such, the following measures are in place:

  • The PTCMA makes use of the paid service from Zoom with more advanced features
  • We enforce encryption by default and make sure it's end-to-end if possible
  • All delegates need to register for the meetings and are manually approved by the PTCMA host before receiving a link to join the meeting
  • All meetings are password protected
  • To ensure secure meetings, registration will close at 08h00 on the morning of the meeting with no new registrations being approved thereafter.
  • Participants will also only be able to join the meeting until 10 minutes after the presentation has started. Thereafter the meeting will be locked and no new participants will be admitted.
  • All users are held in a waiting room so the PTCMA to prevent unauthorised access
  • We do not give access to “dial-in” participants
  • Each join link will allow the user to join from only one device, so link-sharing will not be possible
  • Only hosts and presenters will have the ability to share a screen.
  • For those participants concerned about security, the option to join from the browser is enabled.

Scheduled Events

Please note that dates, topics and presenters are subject to change.

8:30 am Virtual CPD – 25 April 2024
Virtual CPD – 25 April 2024
Apr 25 @ 8:30 am – 10:15 am
Virtual CPD - 25 April 2024
Programme 08h55: Login and sound check 09h00: Management Updates in Severe Eosinophilic Asthma Presented by: Prof. Guy Richards (Pulmonologist and Intensivist) 10h05: Wrap up Link to register Thank you to AstraZeneca for providing the unconditional…
8:30 am Virtual CPD – 7 May 2024
Virtual CPD – 7 May 2024
May 7 @ 8:30 am – 10:15 am
Virtual CPD - 7 May 2024
Programme 08h55: Login and sound check 09h00: TbaPresented by: Tba (Tba) 10h05: Wrap up Link to register (Tbc) Attendance free for PTCMA members and HPCSA Medical Practitioners only – not open for Non-Members unless specifically…
6:30 pm Evening Virtual CPD – 8 May 2024 @ Zoom - link to register available in the invitation
Evening Virtual CPD – 8 May 2024 @ Zoom - link to register available in the invitation
May 8 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Evening Virtual CPD - 8 May 2024 @ Zoom - link to register available in the invitation | Sandton | Gauteng | South Africa
Programme 18h55: Login and sound check 19h00: TbcPresented by: Tbc 20h05: Wrap up Link to register (Tbc) Attendance free for PTCMA members and HPCSA Medical Practitioners only – not open for Non-Members unless specifically stated.…

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