DMA110: Demystifying Market Access in the South African Healthcare Environment

Developed and authored by Mark Brand

Course Summary

This course is intended to assist those in the MedTech space considering introducing new technologies into South Africa. Medical device registration, e.g., FDA Certificates and CE Mark, are critical quality, safety and efficacy indicators, but are merely authorizations to enter a particular market. This represents an absolute minimum requirement for market access but are not a guarantee for adoption and/or reimbursement; policy makers/funders demand more!

Introducing new technologies to the South African Healthcare market may seem a daunting task, given the requirements of various relevant stakeholders as they manage prioritisation, utilization, and health care costs, through the use of tools such as Health Technology Assessment.

Although it has a market access focus, this workshop it not exclusively for market access personnel, and every level of business decision-maker will benefit by attending, and in so doing learn to navigate these hurdles efficiently within resource constrained businesses.

Why should you attend?

  • Understand macro environment issues
  • Successfully navigate complex market access processes
  • Engage and manage important stakeholders strategically
  • Introduction to health technology assessment - HTA
  • Enhance your applications for reimbursement
  • Understanding value and develop a value proposition
  • Align business and market access strategies
  • Integrate market access function into your portfolio

Who should attend?

Any medical device company representative who is involved in introducing new health technologies to the market, including (but not limited to):

  • Chief Executives,
  • Managing Directors,
  • Business Unit Managers,
  • Product Managers,
  • Marketing Managers and
  • Market Access Managers.

Testimonial from Leigh

Head of Market Access & Market Development

I wanted to thank you and provide some feedback on the recent PTCMA online course that has just concluded (May 2023).

Market Access (especially for MedTech) is a new and growing area, which is critically important wrt reimbursement of new technology, proper launch plans, value-base outcomes and understanding the perspectives of multiple stakeholders, culminating in the adoption and access to new technology with better health outcomes.

It is a complex field to navigate, and its very easy to go down the proverbial rabbit hole.

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This course gives a comprehensive overview of the various stakeholders, how to orchestrate their symbiotic functionality, the roles, responsibilities and jurisdiction of each, and how to adapt corporate strategy to achieve the best possible outcome.

I particularly appreciated the global trends regarding the development of HTA agencies, associated nomenclature, and the inclusion of both HCPs as well as patients. Discussions around the various levels of evidence, especially where there is scant evidence was immensely useful and something that solves for some of the complexities that we face.

This multi-faceted online course is relevant not only for market access managers or reimbursement managers, but all those involved in bringing a technology to market should be strongly encouraged to attend this course – including product managers, health economists, marketing, regulatory as well public and government affairs managers – this would encourage a streamlined approach and a comprehensive launch strategy.

Having this learning available on an online platform was really useful – it offered flexibility to balance the demands of work (and in my case, travel) and having it supported by online webinars gave the opportunity to engage around some of the sticky bits with Mark – who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field.

I hope that this course will continue to be available and flourish in the future – and thank you again for making it accessible.

Kind regards


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  • Information session: 2 March 2023 - click to view recording

    Where and how HTA can support patient access to innovation

    Inviting all Medical Technology colleagues wishing to gain perspective on:

    • Importance of using HTA for medical devices
    • How HTA can promote patient access to innovative medical devices
    • What role can industry play in expediting HTA decision making
  • Study Unit 1: Navigating the South African Healthcare Environment


    • Background to the SA Health Care industry.
    • Useful industry demographic and economic indicators.
    • Industry structure and relationships between stakeholders.
    • Industry dynamics that are worth watching.
    • Macro environmental factors that may influence your market.
    • The ability to navigate market access hurdles and processes.

    Contact session: 29 August 2024

  • Study Unit 2: Health Technology Assessment (HTA)


    • A framework for Health Technology Management (HTM) and managing the technology lifecycle
    • How HTA offers a strategic approach to introducing new heath technologies.
    • How HTA fits into the health technology regulatory framework of South Africa.
    • A non-linear approach to managing introduction of health technologies.
    • Insight into the 3 distinct components of HTM, pre HTA, HTA and post HTA and unpacking these in the context of your business.

    Contact session: 5 September 2024

  • Study Unit 3: Developing a Market Access Strategy


    • Efficiently align business and reimbursement strategies
    • A systematic approach to developing a market access strategy aligned with the company’s business strategy.
    • An understanding of who the various stakeholders are in the decision-making process, their respective influence on each other and on your market access strategy.
    • A framework for defining a meaningful value proposition to each relevant stakeholder.
    • A guide on collating the information and creating the “dossier” for submission.

    Contact session: 12 September 2024

  • 26 Aug - 20 Sep 2024

    3 weeks duration

  • Certificate

    of completion awarded

  • 15 hours

    Study time

  • Fees (excl VAT)

    R3856 Corp Members
    R4097 Stand Members
    R4338 Ind Members
    R4820 Non Members

  • 3 live sessions

    with Mark Brand via Zoom - 19h00-21h00

Meet the Course Developer and Author

Mark Brand

Mark Brand

Independent HTA Consultant; MBA; Electrical Engineering; HTA (USB)

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